Expert Guidance, Flexible Solutions

Our decades of experience in audit and compliance have taught us that one size never fits all. That’s why our approach is flexible and strategic, tailoring our services and recommendations to each client’s culture, goals and risk profile.

  • Payment Systems Audit & Compliance
    Full range of assessments, compliance reviews, audits and remediation for information security, Payment Card Industry (PCI), PIN security and network integrity. Read more…
  • IT, Operational & Compliance Audits
    Build, improve and manage internal audit functions; provide technical expertise in specialized audit areas; and recommend ways to support business goals while reducing unacceptable risk. Read more…
  • Complex Contract Audits
    Audit vendor contracts and analyze invoice discrepancies to enforce contract terms, recover costs and improve vendor responsiveness. Read more…


One of the few certified PCI Qualified Security Assessors
in the US Mid-Atlantic Region


Smart Methodology

  • Technical audit support maximizes automation for greater productivity.
  • Proprietary software support tools, including customized audit software, are customized to each client’s needs.
  • Meticulous project management ensures high-quality systems are delivered on time and within budget. Read more…


“While our focus was on passing the audit, Pointe Solutions was ensuring we had the best procedures and the most secure environment to protect our business.”

— Compliance manager, payment processing company

Pointe Solutions