Why Pointe Solutions for PCI

At Pointe Solutions, we believe PCI compliance goes beyond assessment and remediation. We partner with our clients to find cost-effective solutions that protect sensitive cardholder data while improving operations and supporting business goals.

With Pointe Solutions you get:

  • Seasoned auditors and security experts with decades of experience in the payments, financial services and retail industries.
  • Affordable solutions for PCI compliance that balance cost, convenience and control.
  • Strategic alignment with business goals and consistent focus on bottom-line impact.
  • Creative partner concerned with finding the best solution for your business, and a managing director involved in every project.
  • Greater efficiency through ability to support other payment industry compliance requirements, such as PIN security reviews and TG-3 compliance.



Auditor vs. Security?

A best practice in PCI compliance is to use auditors who bring in security experts as needed, rather than using security experts alone.

Auditors are testers of processes, trained to perform and document multiple tests using various auditing techniques.

Security experts are technicians. They may find technical vulnerabilities, but they are not always trained to perform all the tests needed to validate compliance.

About PCI

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“Pointe Solutions has a deep understanding of PCI certification requirements and a unique ability to communicate those requirements.”

— President, prepaid card processing company

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