Cybersecurity & Risk Management

How we can help

What data and systems within your company are most valuable? What do you need to protect? In a world where the FBI suggests there are only two types of companies- those that have been hacked and know about it, and those that have been hacked and don’t, how can you stay one step ahead of the threat? How can you respond to a breach and recover? These are the questions every board should be asking its executives, and every executive should know the answer, but we know it’s not always that easy- with management pulled every which way by day to day operational concerns, it’s easy to let security drop down the priorities list. Until it’s too late, and then… it’s too late. The cybersecurity team at Pointe Solutions are here to help make sure that’s not the story of your business- we’re here to help as much or as little as you need to stay protected, and have the right answers at the right time.

Cybersecurity Audit

At Pointe Solutions, we believe cybersecurity relevant compliance goes beyond assessment and remediation. We partner with our clients to find cost-effective solutions that protect sensitive data while improving operations and supporting business goals.

With Pointe Solutions you get:

  • Seasoned auditors and security experts with decades of crops-industry experience.
  • Affordable solutions for PCI compliance that balance cost, convenience and control.
  • Strategic alignment with business goals and consistent focus on bottom-line impact.
  • Creative partner concerned with finding the best solution for your business.
  • Greater efficiency through ability to support a full range of compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity Program Development/ Management

There is so much more to cybersecurity than technology. The best cybersecurity begins at the highest strategy level and trickles down towards the tactical with a comprehensive, effective cybersecurity program tailored to your exact business model and needs. That’s why the Pointe Solutions cybersecurity team is dedicated to supporting you through all stages of the cybersecurity program creation and/or improvement:

  • Assessment: determining the kind of data your business handles, and how and where it is stored, accessed, handled and protected
  • Policy: developing or improving cybersecurity relevant policy, including ongoing approval and maintenance processes
  • Technology: identifying and implementing the security technologies your business needs
  • Response: determining or improving the processes and actions triggered in the event of a breach or other cybersecurity incident
  • Structure: establishing organizational structures to ensuring the business has the structure and resources to implement and assess the plan on an ongoing basis

Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing

At Pointe Solutions, we understand that your network, systems and technological infrastructure changes as your business changes and grows, and without proper checks in place, these changes can introduce weaknesses which can be exploited at untold cost to your business. Our team and services can help you identify those weaknesses, not just as part of annual or quarterly security audit, but in a much more proactive, regular and risk relevant way.

Our services include:

  • External and internal vulnerability scanning at frequencies which are appropriate to the risk level, rather than just the audit requirements
  • Controlled, regular penetration testing simulating the kind of attacks your systems may come under to further identify vulnerabilities
  • Identification and implementation of solutions to remove any vulnerabilities identified

Incident Response

As cybersecurity methodologies and technologies develop and improve, cyberthreats evolve and develop too. In the fast-paced, ever changing and increasingly sophisticated battlefield, whilst preparation, planning and effective implementation goes a very long way to providing necessary protection, no system can be guaranteed 100% breach-proof. If an incident does occur, Pointe Solutions cybersecurity team is dedicated to supporting by determining the nature and scale of a breach, its impact and the most appropriate response.

Security Awareness Training

At Pointe Solutions, we understand that cold, external hack-based penetration is not the only risk to your company’s cybersecurity- it often isn’t even the biggest. As humans, we’re all creatures of habit, and those habits can produce some of the most significant vulnerabilities to cyberattack. We can code and structure the majority of gaps out of your company’s technologies and systems, but when it comes to staff, its all about maintaining effective, appropriate awareness of the risk creating behaviours and how to avoid them.

The Pointe Solutions Security Awareness team gives you so much more than the occasional training day- we help you to develop and implement a comprehensive, tailored, ongoing security awareness plan including:

  • Induction point training: including high risk behaviour awareness, policies, and procedures e.g. incident reporting
  • Ongoing update activities: including regular cybersecurity risk related emails, newsletters, campaigns and awareness seminars
  • Where required, tailored risk awareness testing
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